Madhyamik 2019 English Suggestion

Father’s Help

1. What troubled Swami on his way to school?
2. Who impressed Samuel and how? Describe Samuel.
3. How would you prove that Swami wanted to play truant?
4. How did Swami ‘s father behavior take an unexpected turn?
5. What idea occurred to Swami and why did he accept it?
6. Why Samuel was late? What was Swami’s impression about Samuel?

The Cat

1. Why does the cat stretch himself a few times?
2. Why is the cat particularly civil to the guest at the table?
3. Write about ‘Little Prig’? Why must all sorts of things and weather be taken in together?
4. What is not disgrace to the squirrel? Who is referred to as a ‘grim fighter’?
5. Why are the cats compared to King Arthur’s knights? Who are the enemies of the cat?

The Snail

1. Why is the snail displeased? What makes the snail well-satisfied?
2. Where can the snail spotted and how it dwells?
3. Where does the snail stick? How does the snail use it’s house?
4. Who is the poet of this poem?

My own True Family

1. What is meant by – ‘where the wind’s like a whetted knife’?
2. What did the poem realize after coming out of the Oakwood?
3. How the Pete described a preferred day for sailing? What did the old woman say?
4. What would happen to the poet if he did not swear?


1. Who is Bun?
2. “Talents differ; all is well and wisely put” – Explain this line.
3. How does the mountain make fun of the squirrel?
4. Write a short description of this poem.

Our Runway Kite

1. What did the boy on the mainland show them? Who sent the letter to the narrator’s father?
2. How does the kite damage? Why was Claude looking foolish?
3. How did they decorate their big kite? What did the father find when he went back home years afterward?
4. Where did Aunt Esther live and why she turn pale?
5. Why narrator’s father crying after reading the letter?

* For very short type questions, like MCQ, True – False, Complete sentence, read the textbook and passage carefully.

Unseen Passage (20 marks)

There are total 20 marks from Unseen passage. Very short and short type questions come in this section. Practice test papers and other model questions papers for Unseen passage. You may follow recent English newspaper reports for unseen passage.

Grammar and Vocabulary (20 marks)

In this section questions come from the article – preposition, voice change, narration change, joining sentence, split up, verb etc. For this type questions practice test papers and model questions.

Phrasal Verb : take off, take after, look into, put off, set in, get over, call off, bear with, fall out,bring up, break down, give in, pass away, call off, bring out, fall out, come round, come of, Look down upon, give in, bear away , keep on, pull up, carry out, come by.

Writing Skills (30 Marks)

Report Writing: Blood Donation Camp, Dacoity, Road Accident, Farewell party at school, Earthquake, Effects of Plastic usages, Dengue Prevention camp.

Paragraph Writing: Safe Drive Safe Life, Visit to a Book Fair, Goal of your Life, Visit to a Historical Place, Duties of Students, Benefits of Early Morning Exercise, Your Favorite Person.

Process Writing: Publication of newspaper, mango pickle, make a phone call, orange juice, coffee, mustard oil.

Letter Writing: Safe drinking water, A film you recently were seen, A book you recently read, Rising price of essential goods, loudspeaker, Accidents, Advantages and Disadvantages of the mobile phone, reading newspaper habit, disadvantages of plastic carry bags, Kanyashree Scheme.

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